Jenna Fischer goes for some solitary screwing

What flexibility! What talent! What dedication! And I’m not talking about Jenna’s acting prowess, nope. That’s the least thing I’d be talking about here, although it’s a commendable asset nonetheless. You saw me uttering exclamations at the sight of these fresh photos of Jenna Fischer getting some internalizing done, possibly for future roles that require an edgier Jenna, if you’ll ride along with me. And speaking of going for a ride, our favorite celebrity whorette looks to be in her element right here, thrusting that fittingly screw-shaped dildo up her pussy.

And the symbolism is staggeringly obvious here, people! Jenna probably had too much cock drilling her pussy that she needs something…tamer, to screw her clit back together, if you will, and this medium-sized fucktoy does just the trick without depriving her of her usual sexual gambols. But fret not, Jenna is merely trying to recuperate from the exhaustion of getting flooded with one cum-spewing cock to another. That’s probably just how dedicated she is to her fans, that she’ll jump right in to more documented schlong swingin once her pussy’s back in order. Until then, she says, get a load of these dildo-diving pictures of Jenna Fischer and get that milky load off of your bulging nut sacs.

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