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Jenna drops the script and rocks the cock

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Talk about bringing home work from the office. Apparently, Jenna Fischer is never satisfied with her acting on screen, whether her fans actually see any of her hardcore scenes or not. Catch her in these homemade photos as she runs lines with The Office co-actor John Krasinski, although basing on these photos, I’m sure the script is all but well-crafted dialogue! From this scene they’re practicing, it looks like there’s a lot of impromptu acting involved that only veterans like Jenna here can do, lines that trail away to titillated moans and heavy breathing.

I mean, look at these two horndogs going for the gold. John looks completely mesmerized by Jenna’s tits as she keeps them from bouncing along with vertical thrusts on his penetrating cock. Both actors keep a smile painted on their faces, possibly to hide the intense lust and pleasure this behind-the-scenes fuckfest is giving them; they are, after all, actors and role models who need to project a certain modicum of propriety under any possible situation. Blatant fucking on-cam included.

But with the busy pace of the celebrity highway, John has to attend to other matters, so Jenna, obviously with too much time on her hands, summons an acting coach ready to substitute for John’s absent cock. She needs to make sure her pussy is never missing in action, and once John’s spent cock is out of the door, Jenna Fischer hops on to the other, waiting cock and resumes sliding up and down his veiny shaft. A cock is a cock is a cock, eh Jenna? It’s enviable how celebrities have the luxury of multiple sex, should they choose it. And it’s a perk Jenna isn’t afraid to take advantage of. Anyway, if you want to see more of Jenna Fischer’s homemade sex romps, you know where to go. Lucky us Jenna sticks to an ‘it’s all business here’ adage, eh?