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Naked Jenna Fischer enjoying anal sex in a forest

Tuesday, August 30th, 2017

What can be more hardcore than wild Jenna Fischer’s leaked sex tape where she’s enjoying Mother Nature in the nude while getting that ass-banged rough, eh? Watch the full video here and prepare to spill a load of your juice because of the extreme hotness!

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Jenna filmed while naked on a beach

Wednesday, April 13th, 2017

Jenna Fischer relaxing in the nude on a beach

One of the things Jenna Fischer is passionate about is working in shelters to rescue animals. For some, this job is highly draining especially when you deal with all sorts of mood swings and probably a few cat or dog bites here and there once in a while. But someone caught her relaxing on a beach with a friend and she’s all naked. Those perfect its and shaven twat were the highlights of this naughty voyeur trying to catch a glimpse of animalistic beauty Fischer in her calm state. He got more than just a bikini-clad hottie alright!

Jenna Fischer’s Nude Pics

Friday, October 1st, 2016

hot jenna fischer nude

In another sexy photo shoot, Jenna Fischer shows off her big tits and amazingly toned body that she has been hiding under those frumpy office clothes all these years.  Looking at the pictures below, you would not know that Jenna used to be chubby and awkward during her preteen years. The ugly duckling has definitely blossomed into one of the most beautiful, all-natural celebrities in Hollywood, holding her own against the likes of classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigette Bardot.
hot jenna fischer naked
The actress turned indie filmmaker has also made good use of her god-given looks and has snagged a lot of acting jobs that has made her bank account as healthy as some of the more prosperous personalities in the movie industry.  But through it all, she has preferred to live a low-profile lifestyle, unlike some of the most popular celebs she’s worked with over the years she’s been in the business.  She prefers to stay home and she loves life simply for the things that most people ignore.  But for me, she should go out more, or flaunt her delicious body like she does in this small collection of nude photos included in this post.  As the old saying goes: if you’ve got it, flaunt it!  Anyway, Jenna Fischer’s definitely got it, and if you want to see more of what this Office hottie has to offer, then check out these hot Jenna Fischer nude photos.
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Jenna drops the script and rocks the cock

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Talk about bringing home work from the office. Apparently, Jenna Fischer is never satisfied with her acting on screen, whether her fans actually see any of her hardcore scenes or not. Catch her in these homemade photos as she runs lines with The Office co-actor John Krasinski, although basing on these photos, I’m sure the script is all but well-crafted dialogue! From this scene they’re practicing, it looks like there’s a lot of impromptu acting involved that only veterans like Jenna here can do, lines that trail away to titillated moans and heavy breathing.

I mean, look at these two horndogs going for the gold. John looks completely mesmerized by Jenna’s tits as she keeps them from bouncing along with vertical thrusts on his penetrating cock. Both actors keep a smile painted on their faces, possibly to hide the intense lust and pleasure this behind-the-scenes fuckfest is giving them; they are, after all, actors and role models who need to project a certain modicum of propriety under any possible situation. Blatant fucking on-cam included.

But with the busy pace of the celebrity highway, John has to attend to other matters, so Jenna, obviously with too much time on her hands, summons an acting coach ready to substitute for John’s absent cock. She needs to make sure her pussy is never missing in action, and once John’s spent cock is out of the door, Jenna Fischer hops on to the other, waiting cock and resumes sliding up and down his veiny shaft. A cock is a cock is a cock, eh Jenna? It’s enviable how celebrities have the luxury of multiple sex, should they choose it. And it’s a perk Jenna isn’t afraid to take advantage of. Anyway, if you want to see more of Jenna Fischer’s homemade sex romps, you know where to go. Lucky us Jenna sticks to an ‘it’s all business here’ adage, eh?

Naughty outtakes of Jenna Fischer from The Office

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Ah, a day in the office. The workforce is relegated to individual cubicles where a steady stream of tasks is delivered up front so nobody needs to bother getting up. It’s a constricting environment, but clever building planners did save up a couple of spaces for drones to unwind in, such as the cramped copy room, the water cooler by the corner, and the office pantry. Of course, these seemingly innocent cul-de-sacs in the office have given the hornier employees ideas, especially how the pantry goes just out of sight from the rest of the room when viewed from a certain angle

Which is a possibility the cast of The Office tried playing around with, but has failed to include in the episodes aired on television, with those damn censors put up by the media board. Still, Jenna Fischer made it a point that the more hardcore Office fans (emphasis on ‘hard’) got a peek of these omitted scenes.

Here’s Jenna Fischer, in character as hot secretary Pam Beesly, showing us how top-notch the office’s copy machine is, and I mean look at that, a hi-res copy of her ass and cunt pressed against the glass. Jenna, if you’re trying to mass print your hot secretary ass and pussy as advertisement, then we’re bought! If that protruding pussy of yours is any indication, I’d say it’s reaching out to us and our waiting cocks for a little after-work rendezvous. I’d fuck your wanting pussy right on the copy machine and watch it spew page upon page of your swollen cunt rammed by my eager dick. Let’s just say, after the little fuck session, you’ll have a little flip-book of our time together as a coffee table book to show off to friends. Or email it to the young cousins back in the country for early sex ed. lessons, color-by-number style, although they’d run out of white crayons with the massive cum explosion they’d be coloring in all night.

Even Steve Carell dipped in for some ass-grabbing right on his desk, with Jenna bent over obediently, as any boss’ secretary should. That’s right Steve, stick a memo up her ass right there. And there’s more outtakes of these raunchy scenes from The Office; if you’ll just click on the link, you’ll find that Jenna Fischer takes up a lot more screen time in these scenes, the horny slut that she is.